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Upcoming 2017 Fashion Developments I Am Excited About

We are already in 2017 which implies that we are soon going to receive a wardrobe update in the form of major trends of the year. With brands focusing more on how to make fashion stick in this digital era, there are several runway trends that will dominate the fashion industry this year.


Pink is the new print


Monochromatic dressing was in vogue during 2016. With designers to celebs endorsing monochromatic designs, a rich hue of camel had turned the most popular shade during 2016.This year welcomes the shocking, joyous and lovely shade of pink. With all popular fashion houses churning designs in all hues of pink, the color is certainly going to be in news in the fashion segment this year.



Khaki Pants Outfit

Khakis have made denims take a backseat


Khakis were seen all over the runways during the spring collection. Structured styles, high-waist options and slouchy feel imparted to khakis are bound to create a rage in the industry.


Phone cases are the new bags


Do you need anything more than your cellphone while leaving your house? Designer phone cases have made their way on the runways and are here to stay.


Slogans have become new logos


This year it would all be about sporting logos on our outfits. The 2016 fashion industry was taken by storm when brands focused more on spreading across a message rather than on themselves. Michael Kors featured the word “love” on one of its designs. Haider Ackerman went a step ahead and flaunted the slogan “Be your own hero” on the tees. Dior chose to sport the phrase “we should all be feminists” on one of its offerings.


Jewelry Fashion Statement

Statement earrings


Some trends last forever. This is the case with statement earrings or for at least a couple of years from now. These dominated the spring shows during the current year and are bound to rock the fashion industry for long.


Bright stripes


Stripes in every form, size, shape and color are going to remain in trend during the current year. Make sure to include these in your wardrobe to remain in style.




Designers put in efforts every year to reinvent the essential staple of work wear. During 2017, shirt dresses featuring graphic lines and one-shoulder split shirt tops are going to be in vogue. Do not forget that extended sleeves and oversize shapes are here to remain for long.


80s Glam is going to rock the year


We have now moved to drawing inspiration from the 80s after taking a lot from the 70s fashion industry. We can now flaunt puffed-up sleeves and dramatic ruffles without having to be unapologetic.


extra large bag

Large Beach Bag

Extra-large bags


Supersized bags are back in vogue and they can literally hold everything that you would want to. Add one to your collection today.


Flower power


Floral trends do not incite any surprise especially during spring. However, floral prints are going to remain in vogue for long. You do not have to bother about flaunting an outdated style. Blossom prints would remain in vogue for the rest of the year.


Graphic pop


Criss-cross stripes are going to soar with temperature during the summer of 2017. A graphic summer is awaiting us with geometric prints and poppy pleats making their way on the runway.




These have now become a staple rather than a trend. These have managed to remain in the wish list of popular editors. These are in demand during summers and have made their way into the closet of many fashion forward work women.


Sleeveless sweaters


We just escaped the chills of previous winter we had encountered gracefully.



This year, sleeveless sweaters are going to be in much demand and runways have already been lined up with alluring designs.


Although, winter is still far away, do remember that sleeveless sweaters are back and we are all going to heat up the glam quotient this winter.




Do these ever go out of vogue? Never! These have become essentials in every wardrobe. Leggings in shocking pink hues are going to be popular this year. Are you ready to stock up your wardrobe with essentials for this year?