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Rocking Hairstyles in Today’s Fashion

Rocking Hairstyles in Today’s Fashion

There is no better way to start off any season by reinventing your look by discussing new trends with your stylist. It is time to look into the future by bidding goodbye to what is already fading from vogue. As per Jeanie Syfu, Tresemme Stylist, 2017 is going to be all about flaunting subtle tweaks. Gear up and test bangs or opt for layers if you are afraid of a major chop. It is time to better start booking your salon appointments for reinventing style is a must when you want to feel rejuvenated from within. Here are some hairstyles that I am listing below for you to pick and rock the season.


Eye-length Fringe


Eye-length Fringe Hairestyle

Want to make some changes to your looks but hesitant about opting for a massive chop? Opt for long bangs instead. The fringe that hits right at the eye can take away a lot of length and is a great way to transform your look. The added bonus is that if you are not feeling like flaunting your fringes, then you can pin or sweep them to the back and create an illusion of side bangs. Fringe works well on any hair texture whether silky straight or massive curls.


Mid length chops


Take your stylish bob to a next level by adding more layers with your mid length bob. Add a few layers if you are already rocking a shoulder length hair style. Just ask your stylist to include a few layers. Cutting in some textures can help you rock a lot of looks.


Shiny, long strands


A glossy, long blowout is back and it is time take out your blow dryer. Women who cut their hair shorter the previous year can gear up to grow them long. Remember to get regular trims instead of slapping in some extensions. This will help to keep your ends in great shape.





It has been known that individuals tend to follow indications and references of bloggers. This can prove to be an effective marketing strategy for brands.



Syfu states that several variations of shag can be done and tailored according to one’s face shape. The trick lies in creating soft lines using a razor or by point-cutting with scissors. Just have a conversation with your stylish to ensure that you are on the same page. Shags are versatile. You can look transformed within minutes when you part your fringe in the way you would like. Air-dry for a fun and playful look. Style your shags for achieving a polished look. The possibilities are endless when you opt for a shag.


Bold chops


Bold chops

Bold chops Hairstyle

2017 is all about plunging into a dramatic style. Why not experiment by going bold? Who knows you may rock an entirely new look by opting for bold chops? Tresemme stylist, Syfu is of the opinion that this year, it is all going to be about graphic cuts taking a front seat. Just imagine heavyweight lines swinging your hair in a similar fashion to wedges and iconic bobs. Bold bangs, short bobs, and buzzed hair are going to be all over again in 2017 when it comes to trending hairstyles.


Opting for new hairstyles can help you make a statement. All the above-mentioned styles are quite feminine and offer you an edge to look bold at the same time. These looks offer a strong focus to your shoulders, neck and gorgeous face. Blunt bob is certainly going to be a killer option if you are ready to go bold. Celebs have already been seen flaunting a bob this season. Are you ready?

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