The Coolest Fashion Trends Of 2018/2019 That Will Leave You In Awe!

The Coolest Fashion Trends Of 2018/2019 That Will Leave You In Awe!

2018 has so far been a fashion sense year with fabulous and elegant trends dominating these initial months of the year. Based on what we have seen from the trend setters so far; runways, street style scene and a list of the well-dressed trendsetters in the industry below is what we would recommend for anyone seeking to risk a current fashionable style that reflects into their own personality or if one is seeking to play safe with their wardrobe in 2018, a recommendation of what fuse with your current style. The coolest of the prevailing trends have created sensationalism all across the social media platforms and popular fashion outlets.

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Art Fusion

Another cool thing that has arisen as spring was rolling out is the art fusion in common trends. Looking back to this fashion sense the magic behind pulling such a look is imagination. Once this has been mustered one can be able to pull off the most daring of looks as illustrated by the Warhol inspired line by Versace to different cartoon inspired art illustrated by the 2018 Prada collection. This could be the long awaited chance for some people top break out some imagination as well as adding a major twist in their current wardrobe.

Intellectualism And Subtle Design

Another trend that has left us in awe is the infusion of intellectualism and subtlety to style by the Milanese label by the fashion giants Prada. Miuccia Prada is one of the most influential fashion designers our generation has to offer. His work is already stirring up some ripples early in 2018. For some one seeking the best of current trends keeping up with the work of such magnates is in good fashion sense.

Gray checked blazers have dominated the street fashion with multiple styles surfacing all over instagram. From the response it has generated the trend seems to be starting as the latest runways have adopted full on plaid where the print was cast from the run ways to the street style that dominated beyond the show. This has encompassed blazers that are inspired by menswear, assorted colorful coats and the plaid style of accessorizing.

Trench Courts Designs

New cuts, soft ruffles and feathers have given the trench coat a very cool and trendy appeal. This has mostly been articulated by runways with many scenes using the elegant and sophisticated design of trench coats and embellishing them with the stated regalia.

Fringe has come back this time with a bang. This has been one of the most fun trends in the year 2018 with creative designs such as ultra-glam and dramatic glam. This trend has been set by the Calvin Klein runways, Loewe and even Dior. Those that are looking forward to adopting this style they have a range to choose from in bags, skirts and trimmed tops. This is an easy trend to blend into as it is subtle in every sense.

Spring Thematic Colors

Ultra violet theme has had its moment in spring ushering more radiant themes such as pastel shade of lavender. Dresses have thus become the main thing as the year unfolds. Romantic dresses and thematic pantsuits have dominated the run ways.

Fanny Pack Pop Trend

From the different key fashion icons in 2018 the most stunning and appealing designs have been daring in nature as they have been very sensitive. This is accessorizing with the fanny pack which has long been taboo in recent years. Late in the last year Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky played into this fashion sense and in 2018 it has resonated all over the industry in the most intuitive styles.

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