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Fashion Accessories: Add A WOW Factor to Your Look

Fashion Accessories: Add A WOW Factor to Your Look

Fashion trends keep changing every now and then which leaves women confused about how to pair the right piece of accessory with their outfits. Fashion accessories have become available and affordable. Using them appropriately can offer your wardrobe the much deserved lift in addition to making you appear chic and suave. Reboot the style trends that you have been following and follow these latest trends that would certainly impart a WOW factor to your looks.

Daddy’s Lil Angel website has been a great inspiration for me while creating the list below. Girls on this website wear absolutely the most beautiful WOW things to impress guys. And let’s be honest, usually this is the whole purpose of doing it đŸ™‚


Dusk Runner Choker


This is another style statement that has hit the world of fashion. It is just a thin piece worn around the neck making it colossal in the fashion world. It is much more than a thin strand of accessory tied around the neck. Chokers have been a favorite and a close-to-heart accessory right from the Rajput women to the royal ladies of Europe. The history of choker dates back to hundreds of years. The style has evolved since ages and has come back in vogue with a bang this time.



The knuckle ring conquered the fashion industry for long. Now, it is time for handcuffs to take over. The handcuffs target a part of body which has never been adored. This modern kind of bracelet fits snuggly across the midsection of your hand and is certainly a statement piece to look for. You will be hooked to this alluring accessory whether you opt for an embellished or a dainty design.


Get booted

You need to add boots into your footwear collection. These are not meant to fade away from fashion. Opt for leather ankle boots with no heels and these will allow you to tread with much ease on either a muddy or grassy terrain. Sneaker boots, lace-up boots and Chelsea boots in tan or beige will pair with anything that you wish to wear. The carefree and effortless vibe of boots has attracted attention from a lot of style seekers.


ring tote

Ring Tote

Tote things in style

The freer your hands are, the more amount of fun you are going to experience at any outdoor event. Leave your top handle satchels and clutch purses at home and stick to cross body bags and backpacks this season. Take care of the texture, print, and color for making your bag standout in the crowd. Opt for bags in cool prints which would not set you back. Find a crossbody that serves a double duty as a fanny pack. If it is embellished with sequin or covered with patches, then pick that up for adding a pop to your accessory collection.


Statement neckpieces

Neckpieces have become quite versatile in today’s fashion industry. You can pull a necklace over a chambray shirt and still look classy. You can make any plain shirt interesting by adorning it with bold neckpieces. Flaunt a t-shirt and denim shorts with a classy neckpiece during summers. You can look hot by pairing high boots, a warm cardigan, and a neck piece together during the winters. For a hipster look, pair a glamorous neck piece with a rock-n-roll graphic top.



Accent Neon Necklace

Neon neckpieces are much in vogue and they look perfect when paired with a gray t-shirt. Fancy necklace, high heels, and cool attire make you look nothing less than stunning. Match your outfit color with that of your neck piece for complementing the look. Black is never going out of vogue. Pair a black outfit with a massive sparkling necklace. Wear different kinds of neck pieces at the same time to create a unique style. Pair a shiny necklace with a long or short black dress for a stylish look. To make your crop tops look elegant, pair a bib necklace with them. Wear chunky necklaces with denim jumpsuits.


Wear bright colored neckpieces during summer to complement your outfit. Opt for a massive spiky jewel while wearing a buttoned-up shirt. This looks great while you are at your workplace. If you are late for a party and want to look suave in no time, then pair a stunning neckpiece with a maxi dress. A midi skirt, when paired with a fancy necklace, looks nothing less than elegant. Opt for sterling silver necklaces while wearing a white outfit for exuding a sophisticated look.

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