2019 Trends – Are The Seventies Back? This Is Exactly How To Do It

2019 Trends – Are The Seventies Back? This Is Exactly How To Do It

“Old is gold”, is a common refrain and also very true. The ‘70s was a romantic era where fashion had a sense of freedom and expression attached to it. From a plethora of colors to hints of eccentrics, it was a mix of styles. But, that’s not all. The things about this era, why designers dot on it and the reason why it is making a comeback, in 2019 is that the fashion then wasn’t contained. It was chic yet the bohemian vibes were apparent. It was classy with a pinch of hippiness. It was in seventies, where fashion was not just limited to clothes. It was included in women rights, revolution, love, freedom, peace, and so much more. There was a sense of creativity attached to them. So, if you love that vintage look, we are here to tell you how you can get it right. Just, sit back, relax, and keep scrolling.

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Animal Prints Done Right

This era is also appreciated for its liberalism, creativity, and also parts of craziness. It was only then when clothes spoke volumes. They were not just limited to fabrics and textiles but had a story to tell. Now, when it comes to animal prints, never overdo it. Always opt for one item in your entire look that sports animal print and nothing more. For instance, an animal print jacket with bold colors, such as fuchsia will look great with a minimal outfit.

You can also style your dress with a vintage pair of animal prints heels. The beauty of animal prints is that it directly transports you to the ‘70s. And, they key here is to limit it to just one single item in your complete look. It can also be animal print headband for that matter!

Psychedelic Patterns

Tie-dye is back baby! Today, psychedelic patterns are making a comeback. But to make this look classy, it depends on how you style it. For instance, if you are going for a T-shirt with the said pattern, opt for ankle length or distressed jeans with it, and tuck in the T-shirt. For a cropped top, pair it with a flowy skirt of a single color. You can also wear dresses with psychedelic patterns, and it looks amazing. The rule with the dresses is to keep the jewelry minimal.

Fringe Is in

The western-inspired fringe jackets are must-haves. For an iconic look, pair it with a maxi skirt and belt it. You are good to go. Today, you can also spot hand backs with fringe in it. And, they are super-cute.

Boyfriend’s Clothes

If you think you were the one who came up with the idea of wearing your boyfriend’s clothes, then you are wrong darling! It was in the seventies that this trend started where women wore oversized tailoring pieces. You can try wearing a sleek vest with a ruffled blouse inside and pair it with well-fitted jeans, and voila! Your look is complete.

Keep It Groovy

If you are experimenting and want something safe yet hippie, a mini dress with groovy prints is all you need. Make sure you opt for bright colors and pair it with comfy sandals and you are all set. You can also wear ankle length boots if sandals are not your thing.


If dresses are not your cup of tea, then worry not. The flowy pants with the seventies prints, such as stripes or paisley are prefect. Complete the look with a button-down shirt and sandals. You can also include a vest if you really want to look the part, but even otherwise you are good to go.

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