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I love fashion and do not stick myself to high-end fashion brands. I believe that it is all about individuality. I love gathering information from various sources about the latest trends and what is bound to happen in the segment. I have love for how things evolved in the industry and have taken a mammoth turn. Runways are much awaited by people and everybody these days is keen in knowing what is in trend.


Adding a flair to one’s wardrobe has never been this easier than it is now. Following trends that appeal to one is not something of a mammoth task. Fashion industry has revolutionized in the recent years. The digital era has made it possible for people to connect and get excerpts from the fashion shows happening in any corner in the world. I love knowing what is in vogue and how trends have evolved over time.

Digital Inspirations & Influences

Rocco Siffredi Official Videos

Rocco Siffredi – someone that couldn’t be missed here. Meet world’s famous Rocco and his crew. They do all kinds of stuff to please their fans, but you probably are well aware of that. Take a look into his new home as he greets you with his current and upcoming productions!

GenderX Films

If you ever wanted to find out why transgender fun is so popular these days you really need to give GenderX Films a shot. It’s Zero Tolerance production featuring the craziest taboo fantasies, every single of them featuring the most well-known TS performers!

Filthy Family

Some families just take it on the whole another level. See what kind of relations are being pulled off in this fantasy series of step family fun. Straight from Bang Bros. This is Filthy Family and you are in the very first row to experience that!

My Family Pies - Fantasy Family Porn

You probably know the very big and ever-growing trend of fantasy family porn on the web. Right? We have seen it grow so quickly in last years. And let’s be honest – it might be a taboo thing, but it’s a fantasy that we all secretly love. With My Family Pies series you can be sure about the very best when it comes to two step siblings play, right under noses of their parents.

Doghouse Digital

Doghouse Digital – your #1 choice when it comes to adult’s fun studios. Watch the hottest performers from Europe in this unlimited fun. All the popular genres in exclusive updates available for immediate streaming.

Jockpussy.tube - FTM Network

Jockpussy – explore the world of the finest FTM transitioned boys in explicit fun with their new alpha male partners. Jockpussy is part of FTM+ network.

Modern-day Sins Logo

ModernDaySins – something big is coming to us in 2022. It’s the newest studio within Adult Time network and it’s going to show you why and how people sin these days. 7 deadly sins and 7 exclusive series featuring the filthiest fetishes of our society!

Boy For Sale

Boy For Sale – fantasy auctions with slave boys dedicated to rich and successful men. They are hard to please but they do love spend money on goods and so they treat their bids.

Monsters of Cock

Monsters of Cock – the finest BBC content being created under the supervision of Bangbros crew. Size difference matters and it’s clearly seen in this comparison of white tiny girls vs hung black dudes.

Little Asians Porn - Stream at https://littlefromasia.comLittle Asians – the place where you find every little secret about these oriental women and their taste in the bed. They are cute, they seem to be innocent yet they do nasty things in these videos. Welcome to their world! Stream all videos in their exclusive cut version here.

Trans Angels - Transgender FunTrans Angels is all about transgender entertainment in the hard way. Watch the most well-known names in the genre featured in some questionable, yet smoking alluring series of videos. The best of both worlds is really here.

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The biggest lesson that I've learned is that fashion is this tightrope where you have to be consistent but inconsistent. You need the connective thread but at the same time you need a sense of surprise.

Michael Kors

17/18 Fashion Trends

We are already in 2017 which implies that we are soon going to receive a wardrobe update in the form of major trends of the year. With brands focusing more on how to make fashion stick in this digital era, there are several runway trends that will dominate the fashion industry this year.

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US Fashion Arena

American style is all about keeping it classic. A simple white t-shirt is flaunted by women in unexpected ways. The wardrobe is easier to navigate. The key pieces can easily be mixed and matched for creating something fun and new. Simplicity is the greatest aspect of American fashion. American style is all about being comfortable in one’s style and this is the reason why a major segment of women do not get swayed by runway trends.