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Top Fashion Blogs To Visit For Trending Ideas

Top Fashion Blogs To Visit For Trending Ideas

The internet is flooded with fashion blogs which makes it hard for people to determine which ones are regularly updated and which ones are not. In the fashion industry trends usually occur regularly, hence the need for constant up to date content in blogs. We scoured the internet to get you the best fashion blogs which you can use for your style inspiration.

Note: The criteria for top fashion blogs is based on the frequency of updates and the number of followers it has.

Cum4K – Video Blog For Creampie Lovers

Cum4K - For An Extra Thrill

Cum4K – For An Extra Thrill

The newest one yet and a big controversy among bloggers. Can adult blogs become popular in mainstream? I highly doubt it, but the truth is we all visit them once in a while. The newest thing on the block is called Cum 4K and it stand for a genre of adult videos that women like and fear the most in the real life – internal cumshots. Risky endings of all intercourses on this website can make you very hot, but would you try doing that in real life? Good question. This is why fantasies like this are best kept in our minds… and in online series like this one!

Helena Bordon

Helena Bordon, the owner of a top class fashion blog.

Helena Bordon, the owner of a top class fashion blog.

Helena is one of the most influential style bloggers in the whole of Brazil. Her blog, helenabordon, has a huge following not only in Brazil, but around the world. She is also the co-founder of a fashion chain known as 284 that is located in Brazil.

Helena has a long history of being in the fashion industry. It all started with her trips on top fashion shows with her mother, Donata Meirelles, while she was as young as 7. Her passion for fashion eventually got her to intern at Valentino and it wasn’t long before she started her own fashion chain.

You can expect the latest trending news, ideas and beauty tips from the fashion industry whenever you visit her blog.

5 Inch And Up

This blog is the brain child of Sandra Hagelstam, a design graduate from Finland, though based in London. 5 inch and up mainly focuses on ladies’ shoes (5 inch shoes in particular). She gives exhaustive reviews of how the latest 5 inch heels feel like on her new blog segment, Tried and Tested. This allows women to know which kind of heels are comfortable to walk in and which ones are not.

If you’re interested in tips on wearing heels, reviews and wardrobe basics, then this blog will definitely be helpful to you.

Wearing It Today

Laura Fantacci looking fab.

Blogger Laura Fantacci looking fab.

This is another fashion blog that is taking the world by storm. Wearing it today is the brainchild of Laura Fantacci, who also doubles up as a fashion editor. If you want the latest fashion trends on your fingertips, then this is a great blog to follow. The blog showcases everything concerned with fashion from the latest trends in shirts to leather culottes and sandals among others.

However, Laura’s blog has a different touch from the rest. While it does showcase trending items, its main focus is usually concentrated on classic wardrobe items the kind that don’t go out of fashion easily.

Gentleman’s Gazette

If you’re looking for trending men’s fashion styles, the gentleman’s gazette is the best option for you. This blog has a huge following and is among the top men fashion blogs in the entire world. It is the brainchild of Sven Raphael Schneider, a former law school graduate turned fashionista.

The blog discusses wardrobe basics of men and showcases classic men’s wear regularly. It also gives its viewers the latest news from the fashion industry as well as a shop segments where people can buy some of their classic items from.

The site also developed a YouTube channel recently to showcase different fashion styles.

The Fashion Guitar

Charlotte Groeneveld in a fashion event.

Charlotte Groeneveld in a fashion event.

This blog was founded by Charlotte Groeneveld, a Dutch-born fashionista based in New York. The fashion guitar showcases trending ways of wearing dresses and skirts as well as the latest news in the fashion industry. She makes all kinds of classic dresses look cool to wear from dreamy dresses to dazzling prints and evening wear.

She also gives her own take on fashion trends which can be both interesting and fun at the same time.

Check out the reasons why fashion blogs are considered as the backbone of the fashion industry.
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