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Hello Readers,


Fashion industry is continually evolving. It has undergone massive changes and is bound to be subjected to change. Fashion is not just about the way we dress. It conveys much more about us. This is the reason why people all over the world invest in the segment. It conveys to people who you are more than anything else.


I love fashion and do not stick myself to high-end fashion brands. I believe that it is all about individuality. I love gathering information from various sources about the latest trends and what is bound to happen in the segment. I have love for how things evolved in the industry and have taken a mammoth turn. Runways are much awaited by people and everybody these days is keen in knowing what is in trend.


Adding a flair to one’s wardrobe has never been this easier than it is now. Following trends that appeal to one is not something of a mammoth task. Fashion industry has revolutionized in the recent years. The digital era has made it possible for people to connect and get excerpts from the fashion shows happening in any corner in the world. I love knowing what is in vogue and how trends have evolved over time.


I love understanding the way the fashion industry has shaped with time and love sharing it with people. This is the reason why I developed this blog in the first place.What is the point in gathering information and not sharing it? I present to you the latest happenings in the industry through this blog. I love discussing the happenings in the fashion industry. This is why I am open to suggestions and discussions.


If you feel and think the way I do, then you are welcome to discuss your thoughts openly. If there is something that you want me to include or amend, you can feel free to contact me in that case. I love learning and this blog serves as a platform where I can learn as much as I can about the happenings in the fashion industry.


You will find whatever you want about the recent trends gaining prominence in the season or the latest thing in Hollywood right here on my blog page. Feel free to request if you want to know something that has not been furnished on this blog. I will do the best possible research to offer genuine information about whatever that you have requested. I do take time to update the information that has been shared with the followers of this blog. However, if there is something more than I can do, then feel free to contact me.


There is so much to learn right from the developments in major fashion houses to the latest trends being followed by Hollywood celebs. The world of fashion is a vast segment. I have not confined myself to developments happening in one country or a continent. I want to explore everything that is happening all over the world. I love exploring origin of a trend and how it emerged in a particular city or country. I will do my best to bring genuine information that I can from credible sources.



There exists great difference in styles being followed by people all over the world. For instance, there exists a massive difference in European and American fashion. People love dressing differently and fashion choices are as well-impacted by weather conditions prevalent in a particular region. This brings more variety to the fashion styles and makes them much more interesting. I present to you such differences and other interesting information through this blog.



Fashion needs to be celebrated as it is more of an art. This is what this blog is all about. The purpose of this blog is not about discussing runway trends. It is all about celebrating street style and every other aspect of the world of fashion. The blog also expresses the developments in fashion blogging and how it has turned into an incredible tool employed by brands for reaching out to potential buyers. Every aspect of fashion is discussed on this blog and I request all of you to be an active part of the blog activities to bring it alive.