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Statistics in the Fashion Realm

Statistics in the Fashion Realm

There are over seven billion people on planet Earth. If every single person on this planet owned just one jacket, one shirt and a pair of pants, then it would amount to 21 billion articles of just clothing. There is lot of clothes on this planet than we can imagine considering the fact that most of us own more than two items of apparel. Clothes are one of the basic needs and hence I decided to include statistics in Fashion Realm to offer you an idea of how things actually are.


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Chinese GDP Disposable Income

Textile and clothing industry reached $2560 trillion during 2010. The children’s wear market is expected to increase by 15 percent in the next five years and it amounted to over $186 billion during 2014. The bridal wear segment reached over $57 billion during the year 2015. Women’s wear industry surpassed $621 billion during the year 2014. American households on an average spent $1700 on footwear, apparel, and other services or products during 2010. People in Manhattan on an average spend around $400 on apparel. It is believed that the consumers in the United Kingdom have over $46.7 billion worth of clothes that have never been worn in their closets.


Chinese textile industry


Over 41.3 million tons of fiber was processed during 2010 by the Chinese textile industry which accounted for 54 per cent of the total production in the world.



More than 3 billion soot is created by the industry annually. Millions of tons of fabric in Chinese mills are wasted every year due to dying in wrong color. 200 tons of water gets consumed in a single mill in China for dying fabric. Over 300,600 tons of COD is discharged by the textile industry thereby polluting the water bodies in China.


Chinese Textile

Chinese Textile

Over the past two decades, the employment in the US apparel manufacturing segment has dropped by over 80 percent.The number of jobs has reduced to 150,000 from 900,000. Despite the fact, the labor productivity has double from the year 1987. Labor productivity has as well doubled in the textile mills of the US. Germany offered the highest hourly compensation costs as per a report of 2007 in the apparel manufacturing segment.


The value of apparel market in the USA was $277,641 during the year 2016. The industry in the current year has a lot of opportunity to revive. The industry this year would be shaped by the business model, consumer behavior and by the global economy. Despite the challenges, optimism will certainly propel the fashion segment this year.

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