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US vs. Europe: Fashion Arena

European style differs pretty much in comparison to style in Los Angeles or NYC. You would rarely see anybody sporting sweatpants in Europe. Scarves, knee high boots, smoking slippers, hobo bags, ankle boots, oversized blazers, cardigans, skirts and high-waist shorts are not even a quarter of what would see women sporting in Europe.


Europe has always been fashion forward with most of the trends emerging in the fashion capitals such as Milan, Paris and London before the reach Los Angeles. You will find dissimilarity in what is sold in the stores in Europe and in the US. Here are some style basics that will help you differentiate between European and American fashion.


Lady in Scarf

European fashion for long has been acclaimed for the fearlessness as the people have their own individual sense of style. They follow their instinct and pull off styles, patterns and mix prints quite effortlessly. European style is more girly and it does carry an edge to it.


American style is pretty much classic and does not lay strict emphasis on trends. The style lays greater emphasis on focus. It is more laid back and casual. American women carry simple pieces in style. A white t-shirt is made much interesting with the addition of accessories. American women just know how to rock jeans much more than European women who love their dresses. The choices are simple and versatile.


European fashion involves a lot of layering. Europeans invest a lot in jackets and blazers. Scarves are more or less essential accessories for women as they are not just stylish but as well helps them in keeping warm. They as well wear tights with almost everything. It rains a lot in Europe and hence women do invest in good pair of waterproof shoes or boots. European women are known for enhancing their feminine look. A lace dress with leather boots offers that extra edge. A leather jacket worn over tea dress looks classy and adds an element of punk in it at the same time.



European style is all about experimentation. Women do rock bright tights rather than opting for black all the time.



Runway trends are immensely popular in Europe and women do follow them with much confidence. Europeans opt for classic prints and lace, leather or knit textures. They tend to stay away from bold patterns. They tend to prefer neutral tones. You will usually find them flaunting monochromatic outfits.


Americans tend to stick to same color throughout the year whereas Europeans prefer matching colors according to the season. Warm and earthy colors are usually preferred during fall. Neutral tones dominate during winter. Pastels and bright colors dominate the wardrobe of European women during spring. Bold and bright colors are opted during summers.



Peach Skirt Fashion

American style is all about keeping it classic. A simple white t-shirt is flaunted by women in unexpected ways. The wardrobe is easier to navigate. The key pieces can easily be mixed and matched for creating something fun and new. Simplicity is the greatest aspect of American fashion. American style is all about being comfortable in one’s style and this is the reason why a major segment of women do not get swayed by runway trends. Experimentation is of course welcomed but simplicity is something that never skips the wardrobe of any American women.


Americans love embracing logos, text and prints that is something Europeans tend to avoid. Americans are fond of t-shirts. Europeans do wear tees but they tend to be more fitted and accentuate the shape. Clothes with holes and rips are popular in America but they are considered to be low fashion in Europe. Whiskered and acid washed clothes are popular in America but they do not find any place in European fashion industry. Europeans do not wear comfy pants or sweats anywhere outside their homes. They love dressing up and treat it as an art.


The effortless simplicity and the comfort is what that defines American fashion. In America, it is all about how you wear rather than what you wear. It is much about style rather than fashion. Despite the differences, European and American fashion segment are defined by their individuality.